powdered brows

Skip the 10 minutes every morning and define your eyebrows with your choice of a soft or a bold powdery fill.

nano brows

Get those beautiful, real looking 3D hair strokes with nano brows! No one will even notice what you did! It's so natural!

combo/hybrid brows

Want the best of both worlds? That's exactly what combo/hybrid brows will give you! A cocktail of nano strokes and powder brows


eyeliner tattoo

Wake up and skip the application of eyeliner makeup everyday.

lash enhancement

Say hi to fresh and awake looking eyes with lash enhancement

lash lift

Get your lashes lifted and you won't be applying mascara for the next two months


bridal makeup

Wedding day? Rest assured, you're going to look flawless! I might just cry!

glam makeup

Cut-crease, glitter, and cream contour? Yes girl! Get ready to look fabulous!

natural makeup

I understand au-natural and sun kissed skin. Let me show you what I can do to enhance your beautiful face.

lip blush

lip blush

You don't need lip filler anymore! With lip blush you can slightly alter and redefine your lip shape creating the perfect lips suited just for you


brow wax

I usually love to keep brows nice and thick, but if you like them more shaped I can definitely do that for you

full face

Get all cleaned up with a full face wax!


inverness system

The Inverness Ear Piercing system is the safest and quickest way to getting your ears pierced - great for babies, toddlers & kids!

both lobes

Get your lobes pierced with a sterile surgical needle and surgical steel jewelry

need a touch up?

your permanent makeup brows, lips or eyeliner may need a little touch up – book yours below!

4-6 weeks


6 months+


about me

This is me, Aya Hamed! You may recognize me from Youtube, because that’s where it all started. My passion for everything beauty. Ever since I was 16 years old, I fell in love with makeup. I would apply green eyeshadow all the way to my brow bone and my mom would give me the scare stare, and I was so confident that it looked amazing. It was too funny! Over the years I kept playing with makeup, and practicing by applying it on my close friends. After I got married I decided to share my looks on Youtube. I would stay up until 3 am to perfect a winged eyeliner. I was so determined to get both eyes perfectly the same. I also started freelancing; at that time I was known as “Beauty By Aya”. My specialty was creating Arabian/Indian bridal looks.

Upon finishing my education in Pharmacy, I realized that it wasn’t for me so I decided to head into the “beauty” retail world. You know how the retail world is, some places are great but some places just want to bring you down. The best experience in retail was defiantly MAC cosmetics. I learned how to work with darker skin tones and how to apply foundation flawlessly. I also enjoyed being a counter manager for Anastasia Beverly Hills. I got trained by the amazing Michael, Anastasia’s right hand. He taught me everything about brows from, how to choose the perfect brow pencil, to how to properly wax and shape brows

Now that I have perfected, waxing, shaping and filling brows, I thought I would take the next level. Permanent Makeup that is! I decided to take a course at LASH FOREVER CANADA to learn how to do Nano Brows also known as feathering technique. People started booking and trusting me with their face! From there I knew this is what I wanted to do for a living! I expanded my knowledge by attending MICRO PIGMENTATION CENTRE TORONTO, and Shay Danielle Academy Online to learn eyeliner, lip blush, and powdered brows. I also attended Tattoo & Piercing School of Canada to learn how to do small dainty tattoos and body piercing. I will continue to learn something new every single day. I believe in continuous education, to better skills and techniques. I love to travel and meet master permanent makeup artist and attend important conferences

Over the past couple of years I met clients with alopecia, cancer, hypothyroidism, and horrible health issues. Having clients telling me that I have changed their life for the better brings me so much happiness and reminds me why I love waking up and going to work! I truly love my job as a permanent makeup artist!

get in touch with me
+1 613-884-2322

829 Loosestrife Way Ottawa, Ontario

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