lash enhancement

Lash Enhancement is achieved by tattooing a thin line in between your lashes giving a look of fuller lashes. This is great for clients who lack colour in their lashes or want a super natural “awake” look.

how it works

These procedure can take approximately 2 hours with minimal pain. Numbing cream is provided, if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have the option of getting your lash enhancement done by Aya Hamed (founder of Aya Beauty Studio). Aya has been doing lash enhancement, dusty eyeliner and other pmu techniques for over 4+ years and has travelled all over the word to perfect her craft.

The average cost for Lash Enhancement at Aya Beauty Studio is:

AED 2570

The duration for the lash enhancement procedure may vary from client to client. Several factors like: skin sensitivity, bruising or bleeding, can all play a part in the overall duration o the procedure 

The average time it takes to complete the lash enhancement procedure is 100-120 minutes. 

Every skin type holds pigment differently, so the longevity of a lash enhancement will be different for each person. Typically, a lash enhancement can last up to 8- 18 months. Moreover, a touch up will be needed, as pigment will fade over time and not be as prominent on the lash line.

A lash enhancement is a simple lash line outline, intended to make the lashes look fuller and give a natural awake look.

If you’re looking for a more dramatic look, dusty eyeliner is the procedure for you. This look will give your lashes a more prominent look with a little bit of a tail at the end – which will accentuate the eyes and add more pop to your makeup

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